Is your request related to a specific threat or risk?? Have you or your parent company identified specific risks linked to a particular known threat?  Do you have to invest in the protection of your installations and want a neutral and objective audit of the state of your protection resources? Does your company have to cope with unforeseen events that pose a threat to your installations and/or staff? Is the level of terrorist threat leading you to adjust your protection resources?

Your company’s level of security is unstable, and you want an objective assessment of your level of security? We have the expertise and experience that enables us to guarantee you a reasoned and valued assessment of your company’s level of protection.

Please get in touch with us. Our experts, who have been active in the security world for more than 15 years, are ready and waiting to listen, to meet with you and to give you advice.

"We had many European delegations and high-ranking guests where Christophe constantly demonstrated his strong expertise, which was an asset to the hotel. He is a high professional and one can always count on his support. It was a great time and I enjoyed working with him."2015 - Mercuri Urval - Management Consultant - M. Bernhard Botlik