In 75% of cases, restructuring results in difficulties and unrest within the company. Our “dashboard“ makes it possible, for any action/decision to be taken in managing the plan, to assess the direct, indirect and future risks, and to estimate the possible/probable damage.

Once the risks have been identified, we develop a management plan for them (our famous “toolbox”), which enables us to take all possible preventive measures to reduce the risks, and to set out the concrete crisis management measures enabling the company to cope with a situation that would disrupt the normal execution of its business (the definition of a crisis situation) rapidly and effectively.

Including sound, responsible and transparent management of the operational costs of administration, our management plan enables the company to monitor the budgetary envelope for the operational management of its plan efficiently and permanently. 

"Christophe has provide Security contract services for me over a long period of time. He is both professional and a man of great integrity. He demomstrates a real "can do" attitude and continually turns these into a "will do" and done!."2011 - Synergy Security Solutions Ltd - Managing Director - M. John Lawlor